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The Role of Board of Directors

The board of directors is appointed to oversee the management of Bendigo Health as a public health service under the Health Services Act 1988. The board of Bendigo Health is accountable to the Minister of Health for conduct, performance and culture of the organisation. The board is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, probity, diligence and excellence.

Bendigo Health is governed by a nine person board appointed, for a term of up to three years by the Governor-in-Council upon the recommendation of the Minister of Health. Sound board governance systems provide protection for the organisation, its stakeholders, the board and its directors against fraud, illegal practices and poor performance by its own members, its chief executive and staff. The board is responsible for setting the ethical framework for the organisation, defining and nurturing the organisation’s fundamental values. The board is committed to the adoption of ethical conduct in all areas of its responsibilities and authority. 

Directors are committed to acting honestly and in good faith at all times. The board is required to regularly review its own performance as the basis for its own development and quality assurance. It must also ensure that Bendigo Health’s assets are protected, including development of a suitable risk management strategy. 

The board appoints the chief executive officer to manage the functions of the organisation. The board meets monthly to receive financial reports, to monitor performance of the organisation in regard to patient and client care and the organisation's other functions and to consider recommendations for future development of the organisation and its services. 

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