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Health is everything we do.

Every step you take, each meal you eat, even something as simple as the hot shower you had this morning; the way you generally live your life has a direct impact on your health.Your health isn’t something that’s simply earned and kept. It’s something to nurture.

We see our future as ‘GREATER’. 

It will take all of us to make real change happen, and just as our personal health needs to be developed, we need to work on the health of our community – together and individually – in every choice we make. 

But we’re not here to tell you what to do.

Our vision is of a region united in health and wellbeing, with each person conscious and considerate of the next person's needs. We know that the accessibility, education and security needed to maintain this lifestyle for everyone is just around the corner. Great health, the ability to identify it, and the ability to influence it is the future we see for Bendigo and it’s the promise we’re making to ourselves.

We want to spark a movement.

It’s a big dream. Thankfully, Greater Bendigo has a great support network in our diverse and vibrant communities – and because we all care so much, because we all benefit so greatly–we know we will get there. 

To learn more, see our website:  or follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram.  

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