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Infection Prevention

Infection prevention

The Infection Prevention and Control Unit provides consultancy for many health services throughout the Loddon Mallee region. The unit's role is educate and assist with the prevention and monitoring of infections, methods of control, and the rapid identification and investigation of outbreaks of potential infection hazards.

If you are feeling unwell with GASTRO (symptoms may include loose bowel actions (diarrhoea), vomiting, stomach cramps) please delay your visit to your friend or loved one until you have recovered from your illness and are feeling better - at least 48 hours after your last symptom.

Hand hygiene

Bendigo Health is a member of the World Health Organisation Hand Hygiene initiative, ‘5 Moments for Hand hygiene’. Staff are monitored for hand hygiene compliance to the five moments for hand hygiene. 

Infection Prevention Control staff monitor hand hygiene comp

liance by direct observation of staff and this data is reported quarterly to the Department of Health Victoria. 

Improved hand hygiene significantly reduces the risk of infection spreading to our patients, clients, volunteers, staff, visitors and contractors. 

Alcohol based hand rub is provided across Bendigo Health and is available when passing through all Bendigo Health sites. Visitors and patients are encouraged to use the rub when visiting any site of Bendigo Health, and it is ok to ask our staff if their hands are clean prior to providing care.


For more than 200 years, it has been proven that vaccination offers protection against many bacterial and viral diseases. 

As a result of successful vaccination programs, deaths from tetanus, diphtheria, Haemophilus influenza type b and measles are now extremely rare in Australia. 

Infection Prevention Control recommends and promotes immunisation within Bendigo Health and the wider community. 

Vaccination not only protects individuals, but also others in the community, by increasing the general level of immunity and minimising the spread of infection. 

It is vital that healthcare professionals take every available opportunity to vaccinate children and adults. It is also important that the public be aware of the proven effectiveness of immunisation to save lives and prevent serious illness. 

Our advice to the general public is to consult with their doctor, maternal and child health nurse regarding children, or their local council for information regarding immunisation.

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