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My Health Record

My Health Record puts your health in your hands

Bendigo Health supports the My Health Record which is a secure online summary of a person’s health information. Having a record means important health information including allergies, medical conditions and treatments, medicine details and health care providers’ uploaded medical documents can be accessed through one system. It also allows people to take more control of their own health and wellbeing, add key information including adding health related documents, like advanced care directives and provides for the management of their children’s health information (under 14).


The My Health Record system is designed so that the healthcare recipient owns their record.  When logged into My Health Record a healthcare recipient can:

  • Apply restrictions limiting a healthcare organisations access to their record(s),
  • Apply restrictions limiting a healthcare organisations access to specific document(s),
  • Remove (delete) document(s) from their record.

When you visit Bendigo Health consent is implied for your information to go to My Health Record however you may ask that information not be uploaded during an episode of care.  Please let a staff member know if you want to withdraw your consent at the time of the visit and any further visits.  If you have completely opted out from My Health Record, no Bendigo Health information will be uploaded to the My Health Record system. 

Protecting patient information is critical and the My Health Record system has strong safeguards in place to protect the health data. It is also subject to some of the strongest legislation in the world to prevent unauthorised use.

For more information go to the My Health Record website or call the Help Line on 1800 723 471.

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