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Advance Care Planning

Bendigo Health Advance Care Planning Program

Bendigo Health is committed to implementing an Advance Care Planning Program piloting it in ICU, GEM / hospice, HARP, TCP and the Medical Unit. The program will be based on the successful Respecting Patient Choices (RPC) Program which provides a quality-assured system of discussing, recording and documenting a patient’s preferences for their future healthcare, in preparation for a time when they might not be able to competently contribute to their end of life decisions.
Training in the RPC Program enables doctors, nurses and allied health workers to discuss ACP helpfully and sensitively with patients and their families.
The guiding principle of the RPC Program is: “If your choices for future healthcare are known, they can be respected”.
The pilot areas are providing a range of patient education and may be advising the patients to discuss this further with their GP.

A new National Advance Care Planning website has recently been launched and the direct link to the website is:
Bendigo Health has also employed an Advance Care Planning Coordinator who is available to answer any questions:
 e: p: 5454 6386  m: 0427 878 219

Advance Care Planning (ACP) at Bendigo Health

What are Bendigo Health doing with ACP?

A permanent Advance Care Planning Coordinator has been appointed who is responsible for staff and patient education (both internally and externally by request) and ACP Facilitation with patients and community support;

Licenced by the Respecting Patient Choices Program to conduct 1-day workshops for all staff in the LMR to facilitate ACP discussions ($200 per person for non-Bendigo Health staff)

Established a documentation systems for collecting patient wishes

Implementing the Department of Health “Advance care planning: have the conversation A strategy for Victorian health services 2014-2018”.

What can you expect to see.

Patient’s who have had recent admissions to Bendigo Health or are being seen by HARP, TCP or RACFs may come to you with ACP information for follow-up conversations or assistance with witnessing documenting

If a patient completes an Advance Care Plan whilst as an in-patient or on an outpatient program, copies for your records will be given to these patients to present on their next visit.

As a valuable external user how can we collaborate in this area?

Utilise the ACP Cordinator for staff and patient education and working through how you can develop an ACP process in your clinic

We have developed templates of Advance Care Directives, Medical Enduring Power of Attorney documents which can be shared in word format for your modifications.

Please send any Advance Care Plans (including Medical Enduring Power of Attorney) developed with your patients to the ACP Office via the details below and they will be placed in the patient’s acute file.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for any further information,

Meagan Adams

Advance Care Planning Coordinator

p. 03 5454 6386

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