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GP prescribing of Hep C drugs

The PBS listing allows new HCV medicines to be prescribed by a medical practitioner experienced in the treatment of chronic HCV infection, or in consultation with a gastroenterologist, hepatologist or infectious diseases physician experienced in treating chronic HCV infection. This means that GPs are eligible to prescribe under the PBS in consultation with one of these specialists. “In consultation with” means that a GP must consult with one of the specified specialists by phone, fax, mail, email or videoconference in order to meet the prescriber eligibility requirements. Once GPs are experienced in treating chronic HCV infection, they may prescribe independently. A wallchart for GPs summarising clinical guidance for treating Hepatitis C virus infection with a checklist for pre-treatment assessment of people with Hepatitis C virus infection may be viewed and downloaded here (version 4 updated January 2017; PDF 246Kb).

Please complete the following GESA form and send it to the Bendigo Health Infectious Diseases clinics on fax 5454 8419 (or to discuss phone 5454 8422) . These applications will be discussed with the ID medical consultants, completed and returned to the GP applicants.

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