Dignity and love for those that pass

Friday, July 05, 2024 aged care
Dignity and love for those that pass
The Bendigo and District Quilters Inc. spends weeks producing quilts to donate to Bendigo Health nursing homes and more.

Everyone deserves a dignified farewell where it’s recognised that somebody loved them.

That's why the Bendigo and District Quilters Inc. has made and donated dignity and bed quilts to Bendigo Health's Joan Pinder and Stella Anderson nursing homes.

Stella Anderson Nursing Home clinical nurse consultant Joanne Wood said the quilts were used when loved ones have passed away and they were leaving the facility.

"People can find it intimidating seeing the undertakers taking the trolleys out," Joanne said.

"We thought if we could make it look at little more dignified for the families and their loved ones, people would see someone leaving their home wrapped in love.”

Bendigo and District Quilters Inc. president Cheryl Gater said the group was proud to produce the quilts.

“The quilters get so much joy out of it as they know they are going to a good home," Cheryl said.

“Members get so much enjoyment out of making a quilt that they know is going to be loved by the residents.

"It makes what we do worthwhile.”

The quilters gift hundreds of quilts to different organisations each year, catering to newborns to through to senior residents.

Meeting for monthly working bees, the group also produces a range of products for various charities including cutlery wraps, library bags and toilet bags.

In addition to the dignity quilts, they have also donated 64 bed quilts to the residents.

Stella Anderson Nursing Home resident Dot has used her quilt every day and said she couldn’t believe how generous the Bendigo and District Quilters were.

“My quilt is beautiful. It’s nice to know there are people who are so generous,” she said.

Fellow resident Joan, brought up her family on a farm in Mia Mia and would sew clothes for her six children, appreciated that quilting takes a lot of time.

“Members of the community making quits for those who no longer can, we appreciate it,” Joan said.

“It is just so lovely to get a lovely quilt from someone who has made it with love, I will use mine every night.”