Visiting Times

Visiting Times

Update February 7, 2023

The basement entrance to the hospital is open to the public from 8AM - 5PM, Monday to Friday. 

If you need to use the basement outside of these hours, please ring the assistance bell near the basement entrance. 

Entry to the basement car park is via Mercy Street. 

Masks must be worn in the hospital.

From Wednesday November 2, 2022

Bendigo Hospital visiting hours will be from 2pm to 7pm.

Patients are allowed a maximum of two visitors per person at any one time. There is no limit on the number of visitors during the visiting period.

Visitors are not required to be screened when entering the hospital and must wear an N95 mask.

Unvaccinated visitors must return a negative RAT result before entering. RAT tests will be provided.

 Added guidance for visitors to Residential Aged Care Facilities

Residents in aged care facilities will be permitted up to five visitors per day

All visitors to aged care facilities must return a negative RAT result before entering

If no RAT is available at the facility, residents will be permitted no more than two visitors

All visitors must wear mask and will be screened as per guidelines for acute hospital

Non-vaccinated visitors can only visit via PODs or outside garden areas

Limit of 5 visitors per day

Visiting hours are between 10am to 7pm

Palliative and compassionate visitations remain exempt, please discuss with staff.

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