Leaving Hospital

Leaving Hospital

Going Home

We kindly ask all patients to complete their discharge process by 09:30 am.

This change is crucial for two important reasons: 

  1. Emergency Department Access: Releasing beds earlier ensures availability for new patients requiring immediate care, particularly in our Emergency Department. By freeing up beds promptly, we can swiftly accommodate patients arriving by ambulance and provide them with urgent medical attention.
  2. Timely Ambulance Service: By facilitating rapid offloading of ambulances, we allow them to return to the road promptly, serving our community's emergency needs. This reduces wait times and ensures that emergency medical services remain accessible to those who need them.

We understand that each patient's situation is unique, and some may require additional time for a safe discharge. If you have concerns or need extra time, please inform your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

As part of your discharge plan you may be transferred to our Discharge Lounge while awaiting your family or transport to arrive.

Discharge Lounge

The Discharge Lounge is located via Drought Street (near the Emergency Department entrance) in the Bendigo Hospital campus and is available Monday to Sunday from 8am to 4.30pm (excluding public holidays). 

The service offers a place for you to wait while your discharge arrangements are finalised. The team assists with organising transport, contacting relatives, booking appointments and last minute requirements.

Light refreshments are available and your relatives can drive to the Emergency Department entrance to collect you.  

Transport home

Transport home is the responsibility of the patient or family/carer. Please ensure that arrangements have been made prior to your discharge and discuss any issues with the staff caring for you. 

Ambulance transport

Ambulance transport is only available if you have complex clinical needs as advised by medical staff. The service is only available if you are an ambulance subscriber or pensioner. 

Follow up services

When you no longer need hospital care, it may be better for you to receive care in another location. Bendigo Health offers a range of ongoing care services that can support your care at home or in an alternative facility.  Outpatient appointments may also be arranged after you are discharged. 

Services include: 

  • Hospital in the Home
  • GEM@Home and Rehabilitation@Home
  • Post Acute Care
  • Transition Care Program
  • Hospital Admission Risk Program
  • Community Palliative Care
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

See the At Home Care page for more information.

Patient Accounts

Patient accounts can be paid by mail or in person.
If paying by mail, please send to:

Bendigo Health
PO Box 126
Bendigo 3552
If you are paying in person, please go to the accounts desk at:
Bendigo Hospital campus  
Anne Caudle Centre campus 
For all enquiries regarding patient accounts please call 5454 6000. 

Public patients

Except for discharge medicines, hospital and medical costs are covered for public patients. 

Private patients

Private patients and their health funds are responsible for hospital accommodation costs and for the payment of accounts rendered by medical practitioners.

WorkCover, Transport Accident Commission and Occupational Health and Safety patients

Please provide your claim number or complete the appropriate forms and submit them to your employer or the Transport Accident Commission. 

Hospice Evaluation Unit

Private patients will receive advice at admission regarding your account. 

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