Visitor information

Visitor information

Updated Visitor Hours for the main hospital as of 7am Thursday 28 April 2022.

Up to three visitors per patient per day will be allowed on-site at Bendigo Health main hospital from 4pm to 7pm. Each visitor is allowed to stay on-site for up to two hours.

All visitors must be screened at the reception desk in the atrium accessed via Mercy Street, Bendigo. There will be no visitor access after 6pm to allow time for screening.

Visitors who cannot provide evidence of being vaccinated will be required to provide evidence of a negative RAT test. RAT tests are available in the atrium when required. Visitors are required to  wear an N95 mask which will be supplied by atrium staff.


*Updated April 22

Under the new Pandemic Order (to be reviewed in on July 12, 2022) Bendigo Health will allow visitors into the hospital under the following conditions:

If you are:

A parent or guardian of a patient or have temporary care of the patient

Partner or support person of pregnant person and the purpose of the visit is to attend the birth of the patient’s child

Providing End of Life support (no more than two visitors)

Immediate family member of a person whose medical condition is life threatening

For the purposes of providing essential care and support necessary for the patients immediate physical or emotional wellbeing (including mental health support, and support for people living with dementia). The person is the patient’s nominated person and presence is required at the hospital for the purposes of matters relating to their role

If the person is a parent or guardian or carer of a patient or has temporary care of the patient

Person providing interpreter services or language support

Learning to support patients care upon discharge

Partner or support person whose status as a patient relates to pregnancy (inclusive of outpatient appointment)

Partners or support person for child birth

Accompanying a patient in hospital emergency department

Accompanying a patient to a hospital outpatient appointment

Entry requirements:

Visitors who are aged 18 years or over

  • You must be fully vaccinated and wear an N95 mask
  • If you are not fully vaccinated you must present acceptable evidence of a negative result from a Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) taken on the same day

Visitors who are aged under 18 years

  • Must be fully vaccinated OR
  • If you are not fully vaccinated you must present acceptable evidence of a negative result from a Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) taken on the same day. 
  • Must wear a mask (standard face masks are mandated for 8 year olds and above)
  • Children are not counted in a visitor limit if the child cannot be left unattended or alternate care arrangements cannot be made

Exceptions to entry requirements:

  • A person who is providing end of life care
  • A person who is an essential carer of a patient where undertaking a Covid 19 RAT prior to entry is not practicable
  • A person who has undertaken a RAT within 24 hours prior to visiting the hospital and provided acceptable evidence of a negative result
  • A person providing professional care including but not limited to: Emergency workers, ambulance workers and visiting healthcare professionals
  • A person who has a physical or mental illness or condition or disability which makes both vaccination and RAT unsuitable
  • A person for whom both vaccination and RAT are not safe


Visitors will be asked:

  • To provide evidence of two doses of vaccine OR return a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) before they can enter
  • Adult visitors who have not received two doses of vaccine must wear N95 mask during their visit
  • Standard face masks continue to be mandated for children aged 8 and above
  • You will be asked to provide your contact details
  • Bendigo Hospital will record the date and time at which you enter and leave the hospital and we will keep this record for 28 days

Other restrictions in the acute hospital:

No more than three visitors at a time during ward specified hours

Please contact the individual ward prior to visiting who will advise you of visiting times

Added guidance for visitors to Residential Aged Care Facilities

Residents in aged care facilities will be permitted up to five visitors per day

All visitors to aged care facilities must return a negative RAT result before entering

If no RAT is available at the facility, residents will be permitted no more than two visitors

All visitors must wear mask and will be screened as per guidelines for acute hospital

Non-vaccinated visitors can only visit via PODs or outside garden areas

Limit of 5 visitors per day

Visiting hours are between 10am to 7 pm

Palliative and compassionate visitations remain exempt, please discuss with staff

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