MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule) Funded Clinics

Bendigo Health MBS Clinics

Clinical Unit Heads

Endocrinology, including diabetes: Amy Harding

Gastroenterology: Dr L Fisher, Dr S Hardwick, Dr B Connell

Orthopaedic Sugery: Mr Huw Williams

Paediatric Medical: Dr J Ziffer

Respiratory: Dr Emma Broadfield

Vascular: Mr Anothy Gray

Renal: Prof Chris Holmes

Cardiology: Dr Voltaire Nadurata

Some services at Bendigo Health are registered as MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule) clinics. If you are referring to these clinics, please address the referral to the relevant clinician in charge as listed above. This is a requirement to adhere to the relevant regulations.

When a specialist or consultant physician is providing services under rights of private practice in a public hospital (including outpatient clinics), there must be a named referral and the patient has chosen to be treated as a private patient (National Health Reform Agreement, clause G19). Please advise your patient you are referring them to an MBS funded clinic.

Some clinics offer an MBS billed service. There is no out of pocket expenses to the patient. MBS billed services require a current referral to a named specialist – please provide your patient with a 12 month referral addressed to the specialist of your choice. Please note that your patient may be seen by another specialist in that clinic In order to expedite their treatment.

MBS clinics are bulk billed against the relevant item number in the MBS, meaning that there is no additional charge to the patient. However, your patient can choose to not have their Medicare Card Bulk billed. They will need to tell us on their arrival.

The National Health Reform Agreement can be found at the following link: