Medical imaging provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging to all sections of the Bendigo community.

What we do

Services we offer include x-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, DEXA (bone densitometry), OPG (dental), Breast Screen and Interventional Procedures. Nuclear Medicine and PET services as also provided within the imaging department by Bendigo Radiology.

Who we care for

We provide imaging services to all patients.

While our main role is to service inpatients and emergency patients our facilities are available to everyone. Referrals from clinicians not associated to Bendigo Health currently represent at least 60% of our work.

All services are provided in a modern, light-filled department with modern equipment and highly-trained staff.

As our services are delivered in a hospital environment patients can be reassured that safety is paramount with help readily available.

How to access this service

We are conveniently located next to the main entry of the Bendigo Hospital.

Appointments are necessary for some tests and there may be waiting times for services that experience high demand.

To contact the department call us on 03 5454 8630 or send a copy of the referral to [email protected] and we will contact you.

Commonly asked questions

I have a referral for another imaging service, can I have the test performed at Bendigo Health?

Yes. While we recommend discussing where you have the test performed with your referring physician ultimately you have the right to choose. There is no need to have the referral changed.

If I have my imaging test performed at Bendigo Hospital will there be a cost?

All services that can be bulk billed are. There are occasions when the test is not covered by Medicare; you will incur a charge for these. Prior to your test you should be informed of these charges.

You may also receive an invoice for services performed as a result of a traffic accident and work cover claim. These accounts are then claimable from the insurer or your employer.

Can I get a copy of my imaging test results?

Yes. Your results will be sent to your referrer and to My Health Record (unless you opt out).

Where do I get more information on what my doctor has ordered?

Specific information on your test will be given to you by the imaging staff. Good background information can be obtained from the Inside Radiology website listed below:

Medical Imaging

Ground Floor, Bendigo Hospital


100 Barnard Street
Entry via Mercy Street, Bendigo, VIC, 3550


03 5454 8630

How to refer your patient

A valid referral is all that is required to access imaging services. We are happy to accept referrals written on non-Bendigo Health stationary.

If the imaging is not urgent the most efficient way to contact the department is by faxing the referral to 03 5454 8645.

Phone access is through 03 5454 8630.

Clinicians requiring results to be delivered electronically (via HL7 messaging) or access to our images should contact our PACS administration team at [email protected]

Clinical service overview

Medical imaging provides the most comprehensive range of imaging services in the Loddon Mallee region.

Our service is NATA Accredited and most services can be claimed from Medicare.

Our services extend beyond Bendigo Hospital and are available to all patients regardless of their referrer or location.   

Our radiologists provide our reporting and interventional services. They also provide clinical advice and supervision.

Our services include X-ray, CT Scanning (including cardiac, MRI, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, DEXA (Bone densitometry), OPG (dental), Breast Screen/mammography and Interventional Procedures.

Nuclear Medicine and PET services are also provided within the imaging department.

For emergency cases most of our services are available 24/7.

Medical Imaging

Ground Floor, Bendigo Hospital


100 Barnard Street
Entry via Mercy Street, Bendigo, VIC, 3550


03 5454 8630