Sacred Space

What is it?

Sacred Space is a quiet place of peace and reflection for everyone. It is designed so to be accessible for people who find their spirituality outside organised religion as well as those who have a specific faith background. 

There are three parts to Sacred Space:

  • The reflective space as you enter, which has bench seating, a writing desk, prayer tree and Sacred Texts from many traditions, donated by the community.
  • The garden of peace, a courtyard with fountain and outdoor couches.
  • The main area, which hosts chairs in “conversational” formation and chairs looking out to the garden of peace. 

Who is it for?

Everyone. It is often used by patients, their families and friends, residents, visitors, chaplains, volunteers and staff.

It can be used for individual private reflection, or as a gathering space for families during times of grief and loss.

What to expect

There is an altar and lectern for prayer services, and curtains can be drawn in the north east corner for private prayer. There are bibles and other spiritual and inspirational texts available. There are ablution facilities and prayer mats/ meditation cushions and meditation stools available. If needed, there are extra chairs and a baptismal font in storage.

There are recording facilities in the Sacred Space, so if you are present during an organised service, you may be recorded. This will then play on the Patient Entertainment Systems.

Sacred Space is managed by the Pastoral Care (Spiritual Care) department, located next door in Community Links.

Where is it?

Sacred Space is on Level 2, at the front of the building, looking over Mercy Street. It can be accessed from the public lifts near the main revolving doors. If you are coming across the walkway from the car park, it is directly in front of you as you come down the corridor into the hospital.

Sacred Space

Level 2, Bendigo Hospital


100 Barnard Street
Entry via Mercy Street, Bendigo, VIC, 3550


03 5454 6000