Mental Health Inpatient Services

Mental Health Inpatient Services

Mental Health Services delivers treatment and care to people within our community in the less restrictive manner where possible. Occasionally a higher level support is required for a person experiencing mental illness. This higher level of treatment and care may not be able to be provided in the person’s home and community therefore, an inpatient stay may be necessary.

Bendigo Health Mental Health Services has four inpatient facilities:

Adult Acute Unit
A 35 bed short-term acute inpatient unit that provides intensive therapeutic treatment for people living in the Loddon Campaspe Southern Mallee region aged 16 to 65 years.
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Extended Care Unit
A 20 bed secure inpatient unit providing medium to long term inpatient treatment and rehabilitation for patients who experience unremitting and severe symptoms of a mental illness for persons aged 18 to 65 years
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Older Person's Unit
A 20 bed unit which provides a mental health inpatient service to those over the age of 65 (but not exclusively) across the Loddon Campaspe Southern Mallee region.
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Parent Infant Unit
A 5 bed mental health inpatient unit for parents and infants. We assess and treat the mental health of the primary caregiver and support/strengthen the attachment relationship between parent and infant.
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Admission to an inpatient unit may occur for example if someone requires: Change in medication and would benefit from close monitoring, the symptoms of the illness experienced are severe and the person is not coping in their usual environment, the person is at risk and generally wellbeing is at risk, the inpatient treating team will strive to work in with the person experiencing mental illness, their family and carer to provide high quality care with a strong focus on recovery orientated practice.


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