Research governance

Research governance

Research Governance

Research governance is separate from ethics review and must occur at all organisations conducting health and medical research.

Research governance is a framework for institutions to use to ensure research is conducted responsibly and safely and is scientifically and ethically sound. Research governance considers the legal compliance, financial management, accountability and risk management associated with research at a participating site.

Research governance is essential in the system for streamlined ethical review of multi-site research projects, and it is also used for single-site research projects. Research governance is administered by the process of site specific assessment (SSA).

For any research conducted at Bendigo Health you will be also required to submit a governance application prior to commencing, including where HREC approval has been obtained via the NMA scheme.

Research governance is administered by the process of a site specific assessment (SSA) application. This must be completed via ERM.

External Research

If Bendigo Health requested to distribute information related to research conducted at another institution, such as a brochure, the following applies:

  • Prior to agreeing, evidence of HREC approval must be sighted
  • Executive Director approval must be obtained from the relevant party
  • No other information must be given by BH staff.

Please contact the Research Governance Office for approval and registration of all external research: [email protected]

Application Process

An ethics administration software system ‘Ethics Research Manager’ (ERM) has been introduced in Victoria. 

Before submitting your application please use this helpful guide and checklist developed by BH HREC to make sure your application has a smooth process to achieving ethical approval: Bendigo Health Ethics Guidance and Checklist.

Bendigo Health requires researchers to submit all new HREC and governance applications, regardless of risk, and all post approval information, such as amendments, annual reports etc, via an online ERM account. If you need to create an account in ERM please go to the ‘New User’ tab.

Please direct any enquiries to [email protected] or phone 02 9037 8404.

Please note that Bendigo Health accepts the Victorian Low and Negligible Risk (LNR VIC) Application Form and LNR Site Specific Assessment Form (LNR SSA). These are available for completion via ERM.

Evidence of support for your project from Bendigo Health is required prior to submission. It is therefore desirable that your project has been discussed with the relevant manager and Executive Director to ensure all matters including budgeting and in-kind support have been addressed in your application. 

All Bendigo Health SSAs must include signatures from investigators, relevant Heads of Departments and any Supporting Head/s of Department and the also the relevant Executive Director.

Please note that all supporting documents must be attached, including, CV AHPRA registration and evidence of GCP training. Failure to do this will result in delay.

A research protocol needs to be submitted with ethics applications, including with a University partner. We recommend using the Bendigo Health Research Protocol Template which can be found here.

Research being conducted in collaboration with an external organisation will require a Research Agreement approved by Bendigo Health’s Procurement department. 

Clinical Trial Research Agreement templates can be found on the Medicines Australia website.

National information on how to make an HREC application can be found here.

National information and instructions about clinical trials research can be found here.

National information and instructions for health and medical research can be found here.

Information about the applicant user guide to ERM can be found here.

Ensure your application is submitted well in advance of the date you wish to commence.

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