Clinical Education

Clinical Education & Work Experience

Bendigo Health is committed to the provision of quality learning for undergraduate students through to qualified Health Professionals from across our community, region and beyond. We offer clinical practice and observational placements and provide a diverse and innovative range of learning opportunities, many of which are open to health professionals across the Loddon Mallee region.

Undergraduate clinical placements provide students the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge they gain during their studies and apply this to real life practise. For further information on clinical placements, please click the ‘Undergraduate Clinical Placements’ tile.

Opportunities are available for health professionals to undertake practical or observational placements to consolidate or expand their scope of practice. For further information, please click the ‘Health Professionals Placements’ tile.

For information regarding nursing and midwifery education and resources available to current staff and those working within the broader Loddon Mallee region please click the ‘Nursing and Midwifery Education’ tile.


SES volunteer and team leader of the Technical Services Team, Trent Ross, is always ready to respond to emergencies regardless of the time or place thanks to an understanding work environment.

Thanks to the support of her colleagues, Cherie O'Neill can commit to her nursing, navy and coaching commitments.

Bendigo Health Community Dental Services has successfully introduced nitrous oxide sedation to help treat anxious patients.


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December Cards 2022

Imagine spending Christmas and New Year’s on a mental health inpatient unit, while families and friends are celebrating together. It would be easy to feel isolated and lonely. Join us to let these...

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