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If you already have an appointment and are ready to attend your Telehealth appointment now, please click the appropriate button below.

Please start your video call 5-10 minutes before your appointment time.

Prior to your telehealth appointment please ensure you have undertaken a Test Call to test your technical equipment, click here: TEST CALL

If you are preparing for your Telehealth Appointment, please start your video consultation by clicking on Enter Our Waiting Room, and then select the appropriate clinic/service

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Watch this instructional video of how to use Telehealth or click here to download the instruction manual:

Telehealth is a consultation between a patient and a specialist, and will include the use of an audio and video connection via your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Family members or other health professionals, including your local General Practitioner, may also be involved in the Telehealth consultation. 

If you live in the Loddon Mallee region, have difficulty getting to your appointment with Bendigo Health, and live more than 15 kilometers from your closest specialist, a telehealth consultation with your Bendigo Health specialist may be a suitable option for you. 

Telehealth may not be suitable for all patients or appointments; your specialist may recommend and offer a Telehealth consultation if appropriate.

If you would like to know more about what you need to participate in a Telehealth consultation with your Specialist, Preparing for you Telehealth appointment.


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Benefits of Telehealth

Bendigo Health strives to achieve excellence in patient care through innovation and the appropriate use of technology. Telehealth has a number of benefits including:

  • Your appointment can be conducted anywhere including in your home, with your local healthcare professional or even at work
  • Less or no travel time
  • Video calls are secure and private
  • The video call is free (except for your internet usage). However, the regular costs (if any) of a medical consultation still apply.

Health Direct Instructions


Clinicians will need a login to access Healthdirect

Logging of support calls for the Healthdirect Video Call service.

For support during business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am – 5pm):

There are further resources and assistance available in the Healthdirect Resource Centre  to support you when using the Healthdirect Video Call service.


The below guides will assist patients in how to navigate their way into Healthdirect, which includes a patient guide and a patient video.



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Telehealth Brochure PDF
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Telehealth FAQs

Telehealth is the use of a Video Call between you and a Specialist Clinician to have your healthcare appointment from your home, work or General Practice. Bendigo Health is currently trialling Telehealth with a select group of clinics and services. 

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Telehealth Brochure

This brochure explains details of Telehealth and how to access this service. 

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